About our company...

Tangled Orb Web Design is an experienced web design consultancy located in Richmond Hill, GA focused on building WordPress-powered websites.

Here at Tangled Orb, we strive to give you the best new image at the lowest cost. Hey, we get it, times are tough but building a new website doesn’t have to be. Give us a call or head to our contact page if you’d like to talk about doing business with us.

We guarantee  to make this a fun and interesting project while maintaining the utmost professionalism.

We understand that in these economic times developing a new website may seem like an unnecessary expense but we are here to make it easy. Building a website for your business should actually be the number one action item on your to-do list. Did you know that nearly 80% of consumers and businesses judge other entrepreneurs based strictly on their web presence? If you don’t have a professional looking brand and image then most people don’t want to deal with you!

I hope you are ready to get started now!

Most of the projects we start begin around $500 for a very basic and simple layout. From there we can determine just how much you really need to get the look and feel that suits you or your business best. If you aren’t in need of a new site from scratch, let us know and we’ll try to get something workable for your business.

Testimonial Story

So as for me, well, I’ll let Paige Glazer of Richmond Hill Reflections Magazine tell you my story:

“Justin Tillman, founder and web consultant for [Tangled Orb], warned us of the great things being at the tip of anyone’s finger and what they can do for a magazine such as ours. He went through all of the ins and outs we needed to know and think about before finalizing the initial design and contents of our new website.

Justin has been a resident of Richmond Hill since 1986, before many of the present-day entrepreneurs arrived. He graduated from Richmond Hill High School in 2004 and headed to Athens to experience life as a student of UGA. Yellow Jacket fans should not rule out this Dawg, for he has the capability and drive to help bring any company into the mainstream of life, so necessary since the internet boom of the 90s.

Business owners, if you are looking for a web design, additional applications, hardware solutions, marketing consulting, or infrastructure design, [Tangled Orb] can help. Being educated on the topic is not as in depth, difficult or “unlearnable” as one may think. The vision is easily within grasp – just reach out and take hold of it.

If you have questions regarding your website or a desire to know how to get started, contact Justin Tillman at 912.429.0811 or visit our contact page.  Accessibility, transparency and innovation will walk through your office door. Expect to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your end-to-end business operations in less than 24 hours!” – Paige Glazer


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